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Welcome to Jmarki Imprint. In this website, you can have access to lyrics from various artists.

Please check out the links page as well. I have included links to many sites which I had think are useful or interesting.

If you have any lyrics you would like me to add, please don't hesitate to contact me. =)

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24/09/2004: Added Zhang Shao Han's Journey from her new album "Over the Rainbow". =)

01/09/2004: Uploaded the lyrics for JJ's new album, as well as Jay Zhou Jie Lun's new album .

15/08/2004: Just uploaded some more lyrics. Going to upload JJ Lin's latest lyrics too. Please be patient. =)

14/07/2004: Site redesign in progress. Please be patient. Trying to change to a system which will make updates less of a headache. Broken links and the search engine will also be changed. =)